Adoption Network Law Center's Adoption Testimonials

Our son Liam turns 6 months in a few days; looking back itís been a wild ride to this point. This is our story.

After a few years of marriage we decided to start a family.  Hitting some road blocks with having children naturally, we thought we were just going to have to accept being a childless couple.  A weekend visit from our nieces changed that thought and our adoption journey began.  After much research and countless discussions, we made an inquiry to ANLC.  From the first contact we knew they were the adoption entity we were going to work with.  Our informational packet arrived in early October; we worked quickly and were able to have all 3 of our profiles live and on the web by the beginning of November.  We immediately began the home study process and the waiting began.

On January 24th our lives changed forever, we received a phone call that we were being presented with an adoption opportunity with a birth mother in our state who was due in 2 weeks – good thing we started the home study process!  We exchanged emails with our birth mother where she provided updates on both the health of our son as well as how she was doing.  Early on the morning of February 4th we received a call from our Advisor at ANLC – our son was on his way – more than a week early!!!!!!   We immediately hopped in the car to rush to the hospital.  The plan set up with ANLC was that we would be at the hospital for the birth but our birth mother did not want to meet us.  Half way into our journey to the hospital we received another call – plans had changed……our birthmother not only wanted to meet us but she wanted us present with her while our son was born.  She had felt we had made a connection with us through our email conversations.  We arrived at the hospital with little time to spare – our son was born about an hour after we arrived.

Words cannot express our respect and admiration for the courage and character that it took for our birth mother to make the difficult choice she made, a selfless decision that has given us the chance to become parents.  She is an amazing woman who is in our thoughts every day, by her making a difficult decision she has brought happiness to our lives every day.

Our son is a thriving happy baby with an amazing personality.  Our family laughs often and savors every minute of life!!! Watching him grow has been an amazing process and we have the staff at ANLC to thank for making this happen!!  In five short months ANLC took us from a couple thinking we would never have a family to the happiest parents in the world.

Looking forward we can’t wait to see what our future holds as a family, we can’t wait for the holidays this year – last year our holidays were filled with hope – this year joy and thankfulness will be in our hearts.

Dan and Belinda

We started our adoption process with another agency. After a year of waiting, we reached out to ANLC which turns out to have been the best decision we could have made. Within 2 months, we accepted an adoption opportunity with a wonderful young couple. We immediately felt a special connection.

Over the 2 month period before the due date, we met 4-5 times and went to outings and dinners and got to know each other better. The experience we had during those outings and later at the hospital was truly amazing. We have great stories to tell our baby girl about her birthparents. During this journey - before and after the delivery, ANLC was very appoachable and available. We cannot thank ANLC enough for their help in finding the perfect birthparents for us. In couple of years, we will definitely reach out to ANLC for a little brother or sister to our baby girl.